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ABT News 01/18/2018

The Amateur Bowlers Tour (ABT) National Headquarters would like to announce a number of changes in the rules that were adopted by the National Board of Directors. These changes will go into effect as of January 1, 2005. See ABT Members / rule changes menu

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[pdf] 2017 to 2018 SCHEDULE 080117.pdfpdf25.8 KB2017-Aug-15 
[pdf] 3-17-18 VALLEY LANES TRIO TEAM CHALLANGE.pdf 4.3 days oldpdf270.2 KB2018-Jan-13 
[pdf] 3-10-18 VALLEY LANES 9-PIN NO TAP.pdf 4.3 days oldpdf200.6 KB2018-Jan-13 
[pdf] 2-17-18 VALLEY LANES TRIO TEAM CHALLENGE.pdf 4.3 days oldpdf268.7 KB2018-Jan-13 
[pdf] 2-10-18 VALLEY LANES 9-PN NO TAP.pdf 4.3 days oldpdf200.7 KB2018-Jan-13 
[pdf] 1-26 thru 28-18 BIG CITY BOWL & VALLEY LANES SINGLES.pdf 4.3 days oldpdf271.1 KB2018-Jan-13 
[pdf] 1-20-18 VALLEY LANES TRIO TEAM CHALLENGE.pdfpdf270.2 KB2017-Dec-10 
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